More people 55+ are moving to Cary to live out their golden years. Is the town ready?

Being healthy looks different for everyone. For some, it’s being able to run a marathon, or lift heavy weights. For others, it’s a matter of eating a proper diet and getting their daily steps in. But no matter what it means to you, there’s one thing that every wellness-focused person has in common: staying active. We all want to feel our best, and be able to enjoy all the parts of life that make us happiest – especially in retirement. And though many people consider their physical peak in life to be in their 20s and 30s, it’s not unreasonable to consider that you can still reach that peak during your golden years. With that in mind, here are a few of the best ways to stay active in Cary, North Carolina.

Hiking, Biking, Trails, and More

Hiking is one of the most natural and exhilarating ways to exercise both the body and the mind. A great opportunity to get outdoors either alone or with some loved ones, hitting the trail gives you a beautiful backdrop to enjoy while keeping your body active and healthy. And if you needed more reasons to go walking or biking in the great outdoors, a study done at Stanford University deduced that hiking lowers your risk of depression. So, for those days when you want to get outdoors and take in the fresh air, here are a few of the most popular trails near Cary, NC: Hemlock Bluffs Nature ReserveSince 1976, this reserve has provided environmental educational opportunities for people of all ages. It’s most well-known for its potent birdwatching and wildlife scene, making it a favorite for families and hobbyists alike. William B. Umstead State ParkWith over 20 miles of hiking paths spanning nearly 5,500 acres of dense woods in Raleigh, this state park offers clean and well-maintained trails for visitors to enjoy, including fireplaces, campsites, lodges, and more. This is also a dog-friendly park, as long as you bring a leash. Crowder County ParkBeautifully landscaped grounds and forests extend across 33 acres of land about 7 miles away from downtown Cary. This park features canoe and rowboat rentals, as well as an amphitheater for local shows, picnic shelters, a boardwalk, trails, and more.

Not Just Physically Fit, But Mentally Fit Too

While we all hear about exercising and keeping the body in good shape, it can sometimes be forgotten just how important strong mental health is as well. In fact, it may even be more important than that of your physical, in many cases. This is especially true as you age. Here are some activities you can try to keep your mental dexterity in tip-top shape: –   Learning how to play an instrument –   Solving a small puzzle (the newly popular online game “Wordle” is a great mental exercise) –   Cooking a new recipe –   Taking a trip to a familiar destination without using your GPS –   And last but not least: Exercise! Increased blood flow and movement is the best workout you can try to keep your brain at its best. Being physically and mentally fit can be harder than it was when you were younger, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should ignore – on the contrary, it’s a worthy pursuit if you want to live your happiest life in retirement. We all know a healthy mind, body, and soul are key to a happy lifestyle. And luckily, in North Carolina, there are a number of places you can go in order to maintain a healthy physique.

An Active Lifestyle Awaits

Your neighborhood may have a local gym or track that you can use to exercise, but it’s likely nothing compared to what most senior living communities offer to keep their residents healthy and moving. That’s because modern communities understand that, for many older adults, exercise isn’t an A to B task. In other words, most seniors prefer to get their exercise in other ways. So, to answer this call, lots of senior living campuses have gone above and beyond to offer their residents new ways to stay active. Prefer to start your morning off with mindfulness? Yoga classes are available most mornings. Want to get your feet moving the way you did when you were younger? Consider joining a dancing class, either in the community or at one of the places in town. Even working on something as simple as gardening is enough to keep you fit and toned. If you’re looking for a community that prioritizes an active lifestyle like the one described here, we implore you to take a look at The Highview, the latest expansion at our very own Searstone Retirement Community. The brand-new four-story addition to an already robust campus, The Highview offers residents everything they need to build and sustain a healthy routine as they age.