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  • Concerned about the hassles of moving? Discover Moving Made Easy.

    SearStone helps reduce the stress of moving with a complimentary service from our relocation partner, Moving Station: the Moving Made Easy program. 

    You’ll have a Personal Relocation Manager to serve as your guide and advocate, every step of the way—and always a phone call away.

  • Helping you sell your home successfully:

    • Determining what your current home is worth
    • Helping you get the maximum selling price in the timeframe you need
    • Giving you a choice of real estate agents with proven track records
  • Simplifying the move itself:

    • Coordinating your move through a respected, prescreened van line
    • Arranging for a professional organizer if you need extra help with downsizing or settling in
    • Helping you with furniture planning
    • Finding temporary housing if needed
    • Ensuring your estimate and final bills are accurate
    • Making sure you get the greatest value and the highest level of service from the providers you choose

While you’ll be responsible for the actual costs of the moving services you use, SearStone provides Moving Made Easy as a free service. Moving Station does not own and isn’t owned by any of the companies we recommend, so your Personal Relocation Manager will give you objective, independent advice. Call 877-235-1894 or complete the form below to request more information.

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