Wendy Beachy

Live an Enriching Retirement

Community is everything at Searstone, and Life Enrichment Coordinator Wendy Beachy does not take that lightly. It’s the thought and effort she puts behind all of the programs and activities that ensures residents aren’t just being entertained – they’re being fulfilled. 

From exercise to music, Wendy is there to help residents spend their time doing what they love and helping them step outside their comfort zones to explore new hobbies. She’s your go-to girl for activities and wellness within the community.

Take a peek into how Wendy strives to make every day special for residents, and an inside look at what’s to come at the Highview.

How did you keep the sense of community while being mindful of restrictions and social distancing?

There have been challenges with restrictions, but we’re doing what we can. To substitute for not being able to do more activities in-person, Zoom has been great. We have weekly virtual happy hours. In person activities are now broken into smaller groups so residents still have the ability to interact with one another, just on a smaller scale. 

We have weekly speakers either virtual or in person to engage with the community about their area of expertise. A big crowd pleaser among the community is when we select one of our residents as a speaker. They like to hear the various expertise of fellow residents and connect over common interests. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for residents to showcase their skills and passion.

We’ve even been able to do virtual tours to places such as local museums. Doing something out of the norm like this is really exciting for residents. It allows them to learn a lot and discover new places without having to put themselves at risk. 

We’re focusing on self-care right now. How do you help residents with self-care?

Physical activity, fitness and wellness is a great way to practice self-care and to feel your best. Our fitness programs make sure you’re having fun while working out, so you can break a sweat and get your heart rate up while having a good time doing it. 

These programs adhere to guidelines because residents’ safety comes first. Exercise has not been compromised and we hold fitness classes over Zoom. 

Self-care is not limited to just physical activity. We make sure to offer programs for all 8 dimensions of wellness.

How do you help residents who keep to themselves to step out of their comfort zones?

We share programs with everyone often so they know we offer a variety of activities they may be interested in. We also have our Friendship Committee and Life Enrichment Committee who will reach out to residents who may not be comfortable doing things on their own. This provides them with the opportunity to learn more about events they may not have gone out of their way to participate in previously. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy all that we have to offer.

What is considered one of the most popular programs at Searstone?

Anything that involves music is popular with our residents. The weekly Happy Hours also draw a lot of people and reinforce that sense of community.

What are you looking forward to about the Highview in terms of new programs and activities?

At The Highview, we will have a brand new auditorium with a large stage and plenty of room for seating. We are so excited for the auditorium and the theater. It provides a lot of opportunities to have musicians and guest speakers. Down the road we may even be able to host a theater program that I know our residents will love. 

What’s one thing you want residents to know?

I’m here to facilitate what our residents want to do and to make it happen. I’m open to whatever they want to do, and I want to hear from them. I do my job because of them and I want to make sure they’re enjoying themselves. The collaboration between myself and the residents is what allows us to have such a strong community. 

The Highview at Searstone is a four-story expansion that will feature 152 elegant, modern residences featuring scenic views, ample light, attractive fixtures and appliances and many upgrade options. It’s the future of senior living with a brand new, well-thought-out design build and endless amenities. 

There are also several different floor plans for you to choose from based on what will work best for you, including 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom with den, 2-bedroom and 2-bedroom with den. 

The Highview will offer walkability for easy pedestrian access to all of the community’s amenities, with the exciting neighborhood of Cary accessible just beyond the walls. At The Highview, you’ll be immersed in an active lifestyle full of opportunity, with all you need conveniently located just steps from your front door.  Find out if it’s right for your future.