In the News: Searstone Resident Anne Schick

How Searstone Residents Make the Most of Retirement

We often find ourselves thinking about the passions we want to pursue, or the people we want to pursue them with, when we think about retirement. And here at Searstone, we understand just how important those passions are to each person who enters our community.

That’s why we’ve curated Searstone to be built around the lifestyles of the people who live here. You see, residents that move to Searstone never stop doing what they love when they become a part of our senior living community. In fact, they’re even more empowered to continue pursuing what makes them happy. Whether that involves volunteering, part-time work, or simply enjoying their usual hobbies and recreational activities, residents here never have to stop doing what they love. It’s one of the reasons folks here excel in their lives, both on campus and off.

Of course, for those who are searching for a sense of camaraderie right here on campus, there’s plenty to do. Residents are given all the opportunities to find new friendships through involvement with clubs and committees of all sorts.

And not only do residents have a say in how their community is run, but they’re also given a seat at the table to make an active difference. Some residents sit on our health care committee, while others work hand-in-hand with their neighbors to start up programs they know will be beneficial to their fellow community members. The possibilities are endless.

For example, take our resident Anne Schick, who was recently highlighted in Cary Magazine for her work around the county to help improve the quality of life for seniors all throughout Cary, North Carolina.

Anne’s Experience at Searstone

Nine years ago, after spending more than 50 years living in Raleigh, Anne and her husband Tom decided to make the move to Searstone Retirement Community. And just as they’ve always done since they’ve been together, the couple dove headfirst into the social scene here on campus.

“Anne has always been very active on our health care committee,” said Allie Ligay, Sales and Marketing Director at Searstone. “The health care committee visits residents in our health care center, assists with finding health-related speakers, and plans the Searstone Health Fair. She was instrumental in creating the Good Neighbor Program, which alerts another Searstone resident when someone is sent out to the hospital so things like newspapers, pets, watering plants can be taken care of while the ‘good neighbor’ is out of the community.”

The article goes on to discuss just how much good Mrs. Schick has delivered during her time at Searstone, both in the community and beyond. She continues to advocate for older adults all throughout Wake County:
“We look to make sure the residents are being well cared for and that their rights are being met,” said Schick. “We visit four different nursing homes in the area quarterly with a partner … and we report on the wellness of the residents and if it’s clean and if they’re liking what their surroundings are. If we see a call bell go off, we kind of stand quietly and observe how long it takes to be answered. We talk to the residents and find out what’s making them tick, what’s good and what’s bad about where they are, and then we report back to the administration.”

With so much good being done by one of Searstone’s very own residents, we’re thrilled for Mrs. Schick to be receiving the recognition she has from Cary Magazine. We hope her fellow residents will join her in pursuing that which they’re passionate about, as so many Searstone residents continue to do day in and day out.

Photo Credit: Cary Magazine

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