An Inside Look at The Highview with Executive Director Derrick Moore

Cary, North Carolina is overflowing with talented, creative and active retired individuals who want to spend their retirement doing what they love. Searstone has been a long-time destination for seniors to join a community full of life and exciting opportunities. So much so that residences have quickly filled up with a rapidly growing waitlist. Searstone will be opening The Highview expansion in 2024 so that seniors can fulfill their dreams of meeting welcoming neighbors and engaging in activities where they can put their creativity to good use.

So, what is it that makes The Highview so special? We sat down with the Executive Director of Searstone, Derrick Moore, for the inside scoop. Find out how The Highview will bring senior living to the next level for Searstone.

As the Executive Director at Searstone, what are you responsible for on a day to day basis?

Senior living has been my whole career. I started out in one of the first CCRCs almost 35 years ago and have grown up in this industry. My main responsibility is to make sure all the residents’ needs are met and that we give them the best quality of life.

It’s all about the people who live here. We just want to give them the best retirement life that they can have.

What are current residents most excited about as it relates to the expansion? Or what are they most looking forward to?

After we get The Highview built, the Clubhouse will be renovated and will bring more amenities for the residents to have more options.

We’ve got a very diverse group of residents who are curious and have a lot of talent. They can put those talents to use here with all of the programs and groups we have to offer, such as Highview Hall for the Searstone Chorus and Choir. The talent here exceeds any place that I’ve ever been, and this will give them an opportunity to showcase their artwork and craft.

The one thing I’m most excited about is the new opportunity that will enhance the overall experience and the interesting residents that The Highview will bring and really put this community on the map to be the premier community in the area.

What made you and the Searstone team decide to expand?

The Cary area is a very fast-growing area for North Carolina and for retirees. We have a lot of folks who retired and relocated to this area. Our waitlist was growing for our current residences so we knew we needed to expand so we can bring more people in from various areas and parts of the world.

How has the process been thus far?

Our developers brought a great team who have spent countless hours on this community and have exceeded our expectations as to what we would like to see for the future.

Obviously, there will be a disruption with the current residents, so our challenge is to keep all of our goals and residents aligned. Sometimes the construction part is not the fun part, but we are looking forward to the end goal and reaching the finish line. Everyone involved in the expansion, both from the staff and residents alike, have been working together to make this a positive experience.

Can you tell us a little about the type of amenities that will be coming to The Highview and what may be added to the existing campus?

We are adding 3 more dining options, a fitness suite, a movie theater, an expanded spa/salon and an art studio – just to name a few. The new amenities will bring a lot of experiences for the future residents and the next generation of retirees, as well as the community as a whole.

Did resident feedback play a role into the development of the expansion?

Yes. We’ve been able to understand what means the most to residents in the Searstone community which resulted in us focusing on those amenities for The Highview. We have a very vocal group of residents that have been helpful with the marketing efforts for The Highview. They’re passionate about their community and they want others to know about it.

The Highview at Searstone is a four-story expansion featuring 152 elegant, modern residences featuring scenic views, ample light, attractive fixtures and appliances and many upgrade options. Residents will be able to explore brand new spaces and horticultural grounds, walk along pedestrian trails with easy access to nearby shops, and enjoy delightful cuisine at one of the many new restaurants on campus.

At The Highview, you’ll be immersed in an active lifestyle full of opportunity, with all you need conveniently located just steps from your front door. Find out if it’s right for your future.