4 Things You Want (or Don’t Want) Your Kids To Know About Senior Living

Whether you’ve lived in your current home for years or downsized recently, you probably look back on your longtime home with fond memories. You raised your family there, celebrated holidays, and shared moments with your children that will last a lifetime. But now that your kids are all grown up, it’s time to start focusing on yourself again and pursuing the things that you want out of this life.

For most people, that starts with retirement. And when it comes to retiring, many older adults these days are turning towards senior living communities as a next step. But while the younger generation may think community living is something to avoid, it’s actually one of the best-kept secrets of aging.

Here are 4 reasons why:

You Never Have to Call Them for Maintenance

Aging inevitably takes a toll on the energy needed to take care of tasks around the house – things that we once took for granted. Because of this, you’ve probably found yourself calling on a son or daughter to come over and handle things like mowing the lawn, spring cleaning, and moving furniture around the house.

By living in a senior living community, you’ll never have to worry about calling your kids to help around the house. Instead, you’ll have staff available 24 hours a day to give you a hand when you need it most. That means more time catching up on your grandson’s baseball games, and less time asking when they’ll be over to help you hang Christmas lights.

You Won’t Be Alone – In Fact, You’ll Have a Better Social Life Than Them

Being out and about with friends has always been touted as a young person’s game – taking trips into the city, making spontaneous plans with others – but that’s something that’s only true if you allow it to be. The reality is, many seniors find themselves with even more time to go out than they may have had when they were younger. And with that in mind, the younger generations would be jealous to know what life is like when you have the freedom of being retired; especially when you consider the repercussions that can come with not getting out enough.

As we get older, the depth of our friendships begin to have a larger impact on our mental well-being, sometimes even more than our relationships with family members. That’s just one of the many perks of senior living – an entire community of peers and older adults that share similar interests and backgrounds as yourself. Instead of begging your kids to make time for a visit, they’ll be looking for ways to fit into your busy schedule.

You’ll Always Have Something To Do – Or Not Do

While everyone enjoys a relaxing night in from time to time, retirement is supposed to be about having the freedom to do as you please. Whether that’s taking a trip into town for lunch with a friend, or putting time aside to work on your favorite craft, you deserve the privilege of an open schedule. And senior living makes that more than possible – it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Though your children might think that moving to a retirement community means sitting in your room all day, modern senior living is focused on keeping you active and busy as a retiree. This means that every day is an opportunity to try something new, or a chance to do something special for yourself. You’ll never have a day where there’s nothing to do – that is, unless that’s what you choose.

No More Worrying About Your Health

On average, seniors find themselves in health care settings at least 17 days a year. And as much as your adult children may love taking you to doctors’ appointments, it can become frustrating having to impose yourself on their schedule for it. In some cases, it might even put a strain on your family. That’s where the CCRC model comes in.

At a Continuing Care Retirement Community, your doctors and nurses are on staff and on campus when you need them. From rehabilitation offices to assisted living, skilled nursing, and more, everything you need for your care is provided as part of your residency. No more asking your children to sit in the waiting room during your check-ups – you have convenient options available to you as your health needs evolve over time.  It’s one of the biggest reasons why many older adults find comfort and security in their move to a CCRC.

On the Hunt for Senior Living? Look No Further

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